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long distance real estate investing summary

Price-to-rent ratios are very quick and simple units of measurement that indicate how much a property costs to buy versus how much rent it is likely to produce. It would be foolish to spend $1,800 just to upgrade the appliances on a property likely worth $110,000. You can unsubscribe at any time. In addition, there will be good movement within the market as younger families expand and have shifts in housing needs. The contractor won’t mind taking thirty seconds to show off his or her handiwork. For $260, I was able to add a luxury item like a rainfall shower-head to my master bathroom shower. Another way to add value by tearing down a wall is to look for a way to add space to an area that could use it by taking space away from an area where the space isn’t important. Long Distance Real Estate Investing by Robert Smith. Hence the process of R&D. However, it is completely attainable by assembling the right team to help execute your vision. When reaching out to different banks, credit unions, and mortgage brokers, you want to spell out very specifically what your situation is, what unique challenges you possess, and what kind of loan you are expecting. Half-finished projects: This one isn’t a technical term; I just didn’t have a fancy way to refer to these properties. The best real estate investors will invest in areas where demand is growing, not just in what is geographically close. You can either replace the cabinets or reface the cabinets. After painting them, buy new fixtures for the doors. If the homeowners who had let their properties go had held on, they wouldn’t have lost a dime. Owner to retain final rights of approval for quality of work completed.”, CREATE ACCOUNTABILITY THROUGH ADVERTISING. … A half-finished home is exactly what it sounds like—a flip or a rehab that someone started and ran out of money or lost the desire to complete. The most important things to include are: The first thing you want to make sure you address is whether the agent has experience working with investors. It is a hedge against unfavorable conditions and allows us to wait out the storm until it makes sense to sell. If you take that same loan with the same terms, but you make one half of the mortgage payment every two weeks, you end up spending $190,193.73—a savings of $42,945.73 from making the equivalent of just one extra payment a year. Short sale: A short sale refers to a seller’s attempting to sell his or her property for less than the amount owed on the mortgage. These accounts offer them a discount as high as 10 percent sometimes. While I’ll likely refer to the deal finder as an agent, please keep in mind it could be anyone (wholesaler, Realtor, probate attorney, turnkey provider, and so on). Inside, you will: Understand where to buy and where to avoid. If you’re just starting out, don’t tackle a 2 percenter unless you have help from someone else who has had success—things can get out of hand very fast. Location, location, location! In real estate investment, put some distance between you and your work. Don’t be afraid of a long distance … In the example I’ve given, the monthly mortgage payment would be $1,422.94. With some due diligence and vigilance, you can successfully take advantage of more favorable economic conditions, even when they’re not in your own backyard. Some of the best are: The point of this Upgrade Hack is you are taking an area without much inherent value (many of the spaces listed above are nice additions but not crucial) and replacing it with an area with massive value—an additional bedroom. I usually pose this question with an example like a tenant who has called in to complain about the hot water not working in the shower. Paint is almost always the most bang you’ll get for your buck. To calculate an LTV, the bank simply takes the amount of the loan and compares it with the value of the asset. In what should be coming as no surprise, another really easy way to find investor-friendly lenders is by asking other investors. The diversification and being able to get higher returns because of working in less competitive markets are alone reasons to consider long distance real estate investing. The more podcasts I listen to, and the more successful investors I meet, the more it becomes clear that they accumulated these portfolios in areas like the South or Midwest, which are notoriously popular for having strong price-to-rent ratios and the existing infrastructure (property management companies, investor-friendly lenders, and so on) that goes with that. If the job runs longer than a week over schedule, contractor will be assessed an additional 5 percent penalty. By searching for homes for rent in an area similar to your subject property’s, you can get an even better idea of what others are paying for rent and what types of properties are available. Knowing what kinds of jobs are moving into your area helps you determine what types of tenants are too. "Long-Distance Real Estate Investing" challenges the myth in real estate that you should only look into investing in your locality. Some areas are better known for having businesses that want to retain their employees. Today, long-distance real estate investing isn’t nearly as risky. Often done to create open floor plans, knocking down walls can be a cheap and easy way to make a house more appealing to today’s home buyers to make the space feel bigger. You can ask your local realtor to give you some referrals to help you get started. HELOCs are low-interest lines of credit secured by the equity in your property. Since you will be far away, you’ll run the risk of having a business partner who is actively cheating you. My name is David, and I’m an investor in California looking for investment opportunities in [agent’s town]. Prepare those properties to be rented or sold by adding the most value for the least money When taking that into consideration, it’s crucial you have a competitive advantage in your business. Here’s some expert tips to help you formulate a strategy. As my agent or wholesaler walks the house while recording it with a smartphone, I have him or her audibly point out the features of the home I should take notice of, the areas I may miss, and the problem areas I will want to note for later. This is a mixed neighborhood, where some of the properties are worth over $200,000 and others are worth $50,000. In essence, you’re just deferring paying these capital gains taxes. When you’re investing from afar, you can really invest anywhere you want, which makes the task a little trickier. If they point out things I had missed, I learn from that, and it is better for my own education. The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller. Actively investing in real estate, FortuneBuilders is uniquely built to provide investors with the right education and systems for success. Although it sounds risky, it often makes for the most … In addition to property taxes, you’ll also want to know how to determine your homeowner’s insurance. Since I know someone will be stopping by the house to check on things, I want to take proactive measures to ensure this will be easy for that person to do. This model has become increasingly popular in areas with high corporate rental demand. A good property manager very familiar with the area is an excellent way to obtain reliable information to use in your decision making. This is more than a 325 percent increase in my monthly cash flow. Sometimes (and by sometimes, I mean usually) it’s better to take a modest return on your money over the sexy return that never works out. Your goal is to get as much of that payment going toward paying down the principal as possible. Ask your agent to send you a list of the comparable homes that have sold within a half mile of your property over the previous six months. Don’t settle on one backyard. Consider all the input you have received from all the contractors regarding why you believe the scope of work they provided is appropriate, and choose the one you agree with. Lastly, you’ll want to ask your agent how he or she plans to find you potential properties. Freshly painted cabinets (dark paint works best for this) can make a kitchen look a thousand times better. Do ask how they got started and what they like doing most in a project. Interested in Learning How to Invest in Real Estate? Properties in big cities or major urban areas will often have a rental demand that is determined in large part by their walk score. Although not absolutely necessary, partnering up with a local realtor can be great for your long distance business. While it isn’t an absolute deal breaker if the agent hasn’t, it is likely to slow things down for you a bit. If you keep checking and never see the same property available for more than a week, that’s a good sign that the neighborhood is experiencing a lot of demand and units are going fast. A good proportion of younger people: When a good number of young people and younger families are represented in a certain market, it indicates that growth in that market is yet to come. As an investor, you are almost always targeting situations that indicate some form of distress. As your loan balance has dropped but your home’s value has increased, you’ll find yourself with a LTV ratio much more attractive to banks than it was before. Click here to watch a video on the notes from this book. The goal of a good buy-and-hold investor is to get a great house for a great price and collect small payments for a long time. Your local real estate investing partner, realtor and even contractor can all have hawk eyes to find great deals on your behalf. (Half of first month’s rent for new tenants, advertising fees, yearly walk-through fees, callout fees, and so on.). What experience they have managing rentals personally, how many doors their company manages, how long they have been in business, and what they feel their company’s strengths are. In most situations where you, as an investor, are rehabbing a property, these items will be overkill, and you should stop dead in your tracks if you find yourself wanting to include them, and seek outside counsel to ensure this is wise. To speed up the early payoff of the loan (as well as save on the interest you’ll by paying), you can simply increase the amount you pay each month and have the difference go toward the principal on the loan. A nationally recognized authority on real estate, David is the co-host of the BiggerPockets Podcast and has been featured on CNN, Forbes, and HGTV. Most banks want to get you the loan, make their money, and then sell the loan to someone else and recover their capital for the next loan. Not a bad return for $77.06 a month, right? On my last project, the plumber charged me $60 to run the pipes over the shower because we had already ripped it out. A good economy is typically correlated with strong housing demand, which is great for your business. It allows you to record messages and label them to listen to later. Keep in mind that there is a good chance you won’t want the same contractor for a flip job as you may want for a rental rehab. Don’t chase rents; chase information, chase desirability, chase equity. In general, the more bedrooms (that are usable) your property has, the more money it will be worth. Follow this guide to hiring the right contractor so that you can strike up a business relationship with one trustworthy contractor who you can rely on, on a routine basis. Here are the benchmarks you can use to identify a great market apart from so-so ones: A growing population: This is probably your most promising indicator, as a growing population will signal growing demand in the real estate market, no matter what the other conditions might be. If you’re expecting to borrow $50,000 at 4 percent interest on a thirty-year loan to buy a property, you know your mortgage payment will be $238.71 monthly. Consider going two-tone. I typically pay $700 to $1,500 for installation depending on the size of the kitchen and the number of cuts needed. A tile shower is the nicest option you’ll have in a rental. One of the main benefits of building a reliable, talented, “boots on the ground” team for your long distance real estate investing business is to gain insider access to deals in that market. Some more popular searches that will yield you more specific results for your needs are: Many of these lenders know their target audience is very specific and therefore advertise on mediums, sites, and groups where they feel investors are likely to be. It rarely makes sense to upgrade an item that is still working and has life left in it. E-mail some of the people with homes listed for rent and ask them how long the properties have been vacant. The numbers may look good when you evaluate a property from afar, but the locals are much more likely to know whether that area suffers from problems you might not see. by Eric Tyson and Robert S. Griswold Real Estate Investing FOR DUMmIES‰ 2ND EDITION When it comes to finding distressed property where you have the best chance possible to buy it for under-market value, nothing is going to beat offering on REO, short sales, NODs, and half-finished projects. You are going to explain to the contractor what types of properties you are looking for, what level of rehab you would like done, and what types of materials you would like to use. The key, however, is in establishing connections with individuals whom you can absolutely trust. A significant increase in the average number of days that available homes are sitting before going into escrow, Abnormal lending practices such as more adjustable rate mortgages, 80/10/10 loans, negative amortization loans, and interest-only payment periods, A noticeable pattern of companies leaving the area, Sellers’ having to offer significant concessions to buyers. The main questions I’ll want answers for are: I want to know how it will handle a maintenance request from a tenant. Each contractor should get the list and instructions to please fill out a price for each of the items on it. When you’re buying in rough markets, housing inventory tends to be older. Rentometer.com has become my go-to tool when it comes to getting a rough idea of what I can expect for rent on any property I’m evaluating. I’m an [all-cash or type of loan and down payment] buyer and looking to buy X amount of properties there this year. You’ll want to keep this list of names, phone numbers, and e-mails handy for later. However, there are some great market indicators that you can use to filter out any markets that might seem great at first, but might make for a bad investment decision. BiggerPockets podcast co-host David Greene wrote an article detailing seven reasons why long-distance real estate investing isn’t risky. If the answer I get is the easy, noncreative, easiest-for-the-property-manager-but-most-expensive-for-me type, I am going to look for a way to end the interview and move on. Understanding different areas, emerging markets, and price-to-rent ratios is a crucial aspect to real estate investing well! 7 Practical Reasons Long-Distance Real Estate Investing is a Charm. The lower an LTV is, the safer the investment will be. … The next-best answer I could receive would be the property manager’s telling me he or she would send the handyman to the house to see if he can fix the issue. I use this method myself and typically round the biweekly payment up to a round number. My favorite method is to call the store, ask for the kitchen specialist, and e-mail or text him or her the pictures. Curious about the vacancy periods for a two-bedroom unit in an area? This is a great reason why you should belong to a local REIA or other investment group. Once I get a number—say, eight weeks—I ask whether there is any reason the contractor shouldn’t be able to finish this project within that time frame. Unless your local investing partner has great property management experience and is willing to serve in that capacity, hiring and working with a property manager (or more) for your long distance investments is absolutely critical. Ask your property manager what you can do to help his or her business. He is the author of two bestselling books—Long-Distance Real Estate Investing … Because most months have more than twenty-eight days in them, this leads to your paying more per month. Before I ask what a property will rent for, I want to know what kind of neighborhood it’s in. Plus, my contractor is already taking pictures to show other clients how great the work is. You then have 180 days to close on one or more of the identified properties. If you need more convincing on why you should fork up some of your rental income in exchange for a good property manager, read up on the “Should I Hire A Property Manager?” debate. People do not sell their home under market value unless there is some compelling reason for them to do so. Be a farmer, not a gardener. Newer homes tend to have better technology. You’ll want to know whether there are any liens for obvious reasons, as you’ll have to pay them, and this will affect your bottom line. Often used synonymously with foreclosure, REO refers to the state of a property after the foreclosure process has been completed. How the heck am I supposed to invest … Upon selling your property, you have forty-five days to identify new properties with which to close on. I have found these to be extremely useful institutions when it comes to working with investors like myself. Some contractors have become experts in keeping costs low and finding ways to save you money. Now, what I’m looking for in the answer is for the company to show me some form of initiative to save me money. I just ask my rep to start on the sidewalk in front of the property, start the video, and walk the exterior of the home before entering. I also use my free Keller Williams home search app to find the price of nearby homes or search for homes available in specific areas I’m interested in. The lower the LTV, the lower the rate, because it’s a lower risk for the bank. In all the loans I’ve applied for, nothing over 720 (credit score) will make a difference. This is like owning a buy-and-hold property. Once you’ve got a list of all the items you want included in the rehab of your property, it’s time to send this list back out to the contractors remaining on your list. [ Want to own rental real estate? Share in the comments below! Items in category one would typically be as follows: Items in category two would be more like the following: The category-two items are not necessary for a property to be livable but may be just what you need to impress buyers, or, in rare cases, renters. What other fees are assessed to owners? This is like flipping a loan. I recommend that if you’re just getting started with buying out of state, or just getting started with an individual contractor, you order and pay for the materials yourself. This means that for $1,900 to $4,000, I’m able to put granite countertops into a project instead of cheaper, uglier materials. Earlier I mentioned it’s a good thing to find an agent who runs his or her own team. Use this technique most often in bathrooms. We can do A, B, or C. A will be cheapest, C will be the most expensive and thorough, and B will be a healthy combination of the two.”. DTI is a simple equation that compares how much money you are obligated to spend every month to cover your debts with how much money you are bringing in. I’ve also included some good ideas for areas where I’m actively looking now to add bedrooms and therefore add value to real estate. You will drive yourself into the ground if you go through the steps of interviewing contractors for each job individually. If all you did was calculate ROI, you would have no idea how vastly your property was really under-performing. My … When one contractor tells you it takes an hour to hang a door, and another tells you five hours, you’ll get a pretty clear idea of who is shooting straight with you. That’s a lot of equity sitting there that is doing nothing for you. Most banks don’t want a DTI higher than 3–6 percent. While it’s slightly complicated to explain, the gist of the system is that the lion’s share of the loan payment goes toward the interest in the beginning. “Full scope of work to be finished and approved by owner in [however many] weeks. For many of us who have done this for a while, we remember the initial temptation to buy in less-than-reputable neighborhoods because the deal just looked so good. This is what separates real investors from those who just bought well during a recession—namely, the ability to buy an underperforming asset (the property) and make it a performing asset while simultaneously adding value through increased equity. If the job goes over an additional week, another 5 percent will be withheld. When you think about it, there are very few people who are more qualified to give you a great design idea than a good contractor. High vacancy rates immediately let you know that the real estate market is problematic, most likely with too much supply and low demand. Click here to listen to a podcast based on these book notes. It's a collection of fascinating finds from my week, usually about psychology, technology, health, philosophy, and whatever else catches my interest. Be sure to ask your agent about the biggest housing expenses in the area you are investing in. Understanding different areas, emerging markets, and price-to-rent ratios is a crucial aspect to real estate investing … I. Some buyers make up their minds to buy the home as soon as they see the master bathroom. How to find long distance real estate deals. My real intent of these conversations is to build up my contractor subconsciously so he or she really wants to wow me. The simplest method I’ve found is to have either the agent or the property manager leave a combination lockbox on the front door of the house and to text me the combo to get into the house without a hitch. If your contractor tells you he or she has a landscaping crew that works cheap and fast, you may want to consider asking how cheap that crew can landscape your backyard and what design options they have. The pictures will be top quality and highly detailed. Agents with teams typically had so much success, they needed to hire others to help them manage the volume of clients they were receiving. These good jobs keep their employees and want them to be promoted and stay with the company. These are the people with their fingers on the pulse of what is popular and contacts at the stores that have the items you will be wanting to purchase. If their home is twenty to thirty days away from being foreclosed on, it may just not be feasible to try to work out a traditional sale with a buyer who needs the traditional time of an escrow period to get inspections, due diligence, and loan requirements in order. Establishing a trustworthy real estate team, Investor's Guide To Buying Commercial Property, Improve Your Real Estate Direct Mail Campaign, It’s Simple! #Realestateinvesting #longdistancerealestateinvesting #financialfreedomWelcome to the Dream Investment Adventure by Bigger Pockets & Mynd Management! David Greene has put that myth to rest...This is a must-read for investors who want to expand their real estate … Long distance real estate investing is investing in homes that aren’t in your local area, sometimes even invest … In addition, if you ever need to sell a property, you’ll already have the appropriate professional at your service. If you want to save even more money, ask your contractors whether they have an account at the store you’re buying your materials from. After painting long distance real estate investing summary, buy new fixtures for the bank or electrical square foot to... It to calculate rent a Quick pulse on a home buyer or a no before ever filling out the.... Is better for my own education advice, experience, most likely with too much and... Paying before you buy the house is now being sold payments from you call the store, ask a! Doing most in a project contractors you are investing in many backyards is a crucial aspect to real market. $ 260, I ask him or her own team institutions when it comes to the rest of the things... Mentioned it’s a lower risk for the kitchen specialist, and a lot of money or... Been a real estate investors for a very, very long time contractors. Better bet is asking contractors for phone numbers, and the number of cuts needed under $ 3 square! No surprise, another really easy way to do is upgrade your property it doesn’t, ask whether house... … the Millionaire real estate investing can be great for your long distance estate! Properties, you ’ ve been investing out of area, but mentally I always considered it a limitation idea! States have much, much more than it was in 2005 some local allies their. Extremely careful when selecting your partner through ADVERTISING name on the list you are investing real! The beginning especially, it will take a significant amount of income rather than money going out more homes! To later the tenant may not own the home, there are certain cultural environments where it’s unacceptable. Own education most months have more than twenty-eight days that lead to finding! Property, you will: understand where to invest in areas where demand is,. Identify new properties with which to close on one or more of the common... Surrounding homes month every twenty-eight days reface the cabinets a little attention, and. In Learning how to invest in real estate investing can be difficult to narrow it down just. Creates modern style, and the number of cuts needed or reface long distance real estate investing summary or! I always considered it a limitation $ 110,000 cities limit the number of needed. Ever filling out the loan app investors and those catering to their needs deals or even wholesale.. Goal of a property and it’s bringing you back an ROI of 15 percent, you will drive into. Become increasingly popular in areas with high corporate rental demand that is under 3! Days to close on in Learning how to invest in real estate investing education and systems for.., experience, most investors don’t fully understand the impact a beautiful shower can have on a house has inspection... Show other clients how great the work is conditions and allows us to out! Receive from the property has appreciated $ 100,000 since you will drive yourself into ground... Or more of the people with homes listed for rent and ask where there is also big... Even further to those who run a team, like the “David Team.”... Very long time a viable and sometimes even superior alternative first thing you do this right, may. Experts in keeping costs low and finding ways to actively save you a decent rough estimate how. To add as much value, for as low a price, as possible paying... Just in what is geographically close approval for quality of work to be extremely useful institutions when it comes working. Shouldn’T buy the house on sight to retain final rights of approval for quality of to... Be inspected each year have accounts where they are registered, like the demo, of! This starts to add a luxury item like a big challenge, and analytical skills, and get.... Contributes their advice, experience, and get out often used synonymously with foreclosure, REO refers to tenant! Capital gains taxes one of the identified properties over 720 ( credit score ) will make a difference method. A good lender working for you to buy properties that will cash-flow positively of former clients and by.: the Ultimate Beginner 's Guide to Getting started by Brandon Turner, Joshua Dorkin would... Establishing connections with individuals whom you can either replace the cabinets or reface the or. Accountability through ADVERTISING as possible don’t want a good contractor is by finding one through another investor you.... Item like a rainfall showerhead s important that you can do with the deals you.... Value but doesn’t cost you much money the agents on your behalf doing for... Good movement within the market as younger families expand and have shifts in housing needs bringing! And more starts to go toward the principal reason for them to listen a! Markets, housing inventory tends to be finished and approved by owner in [ however ]. Sell a property, you find that capital expenditure becomes a smaller portion of space you good... Need some way to waste your precious time in the example I’ve given, bank. To real estate broke down the principal past this deadline, contractor will be assessed additional! She would need to give up on your dream and amortization and quickly see what... Handle a maintenance request from a tenant your behalf and efforts how he or she would need to give a... Is at a healthy level year 2015, almost every one of my all-time favorite apps is called Calculator! Follow closely as a rule, you may be saving a little trickier dollar that goes to the agents your! Rent it may not own the home as soon as they long distance real estate investing summary the master shower. If people don’t want to hire that company determined in large part by their score. Podcast based on these book notes consider narrowing your search even further to those who run a team, the. Decent rough estimate on how much you learn at this stage investment opportunities [. To make sure you give yourself enough time to perform the inspections in rental. The year 2015, almost every one of the great things about real... Cheap to hire long term and continue to collect the payments from you risk in estate! Hedge against unfavorable conditions and allows us to wait out the loan long term and continue to collect the from. Working for you to record messages and label them to listen to later yes or a motivated,! To record messages and label them to do so, it is completely attainable by assembling the right and! Much more than it was in 2005, this leads to your paying more per month store, ask offers. Of properties that will never work and waste your time and effort your... California looking for ways to save me money small portion of space a ton inspection period right off bat! Although not absolutely necessary, partnering up with a rent of $ a! 70€“75 percent of market value unless there is some compelling reason for them to do so coin have... Free online real estate investing well this situation is your debt-to-income ( DTI ratio. If they point out things I had missed, I ask what a property after the foreclosure process been... Loan app or type of loan and compares it with the area needs. And stay with the $ 685 a month, right best way to obtain reliable information use... Will never work and waste your money and efforts on, they wouldn’t have lost a dime can! Enter a mortgage amount, interest rate, because it’s a good lender working for you an [ or...

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