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water softener cost per month

This is a demand water softener that tracks water use int he home but includes other factors to reduce costs: Added all up, we saw a salt savings of 66% and a water/sewer savings of 80%. Any modifications are required to framing, HVAC, electrical, or plumbing systems. Monetary costs – Prices for water softeners can range from $400 to $6,000 but there are many extraneous costs to owning one. The basement, garage, and utility rooms are the most common places to install a water softener. Then pumps out softened water to the household. Hard water deposits build up over time and in homes which have yet to invest in a water softener this manifests itself in a powdery residue called limescale, which builds up most noticeably on chrome appliances and accessories such as showers, taps and kitchen sinks. They provide accurate and trusted advice. The recharge salt and water usage will be very specific to each household, so it can be very hard to predict an exact running cost. The primary use of a soft water loop is to keep the home’s inside and outside water lines separated, since outdoor grass, trees, and plants don't need softened water. These units rely on electronics to measure the condition of the unit to determine when they need to recharge. If you haven’t had a water softener before, it is a natural question, and I’m going to try to give you a really good idea of what you can expect to spend to operate a water softener. Ion exchangers are the most common type, and the size required depends on the household’s water hardness and water usage. You should find that you save money on soap and extend the life of water-using appliances which will help you recoup the cost of the system itself. Sodium is noticeably cheaper than potassium, but if you require salt-free drinking water, you may have to incur the extra cost. The main components used in a water softener is a mineral tank that's connected to a brine tank with a control valve. High-quality water softeners, water filters, and water purifiers don't just enhance your everyday life. What are the monthly costs you should expect for running the system? The magnets wrap around the water pipes and temporarily restructure the hard-mineral ions to prevent scale buildup within the pipes. Another cost is the reverse osmosis system you need to filter out the dirt and salt from your softened water. Reduces energy bills, plumbing repairs, and saves money. At the end of the life span of a salt-based water softener you’ll be spending $686 more per year, for a grand total of $11,950 in salt and maintenance costs. Water Softener System Cost. Alternatively, additional piping can send backwash to a backyard dry well or city storm sewer, if the city regulations allow it. Primarily to operate timers and drive motors. But I know that is never the answer that you are looking for. Water quality testing shows the amount of hardness in parts-per-million (PPM) measurements. Why? Water softener maintenance contracts may include all repairs, cleaning, salt refills, and delivery, water testing, and annual system inspection. You can book a free demo here to soften your home today! There are 4 areas that could be considered operating costs – electricity, water, sewer and salt (or potassium for some users). A small family with a very consistent life style may do very well with a 24,000 grain metered water softener which sells for $999.00 or rents for $21.00 per month. Some dealers offer a rent-to-own option where they refund the rental fees if the unit is purchased in the first 3 to 12 months. Although there is little variation in cost across the country, you have multiple opportunities to lower the price tag of your project. An upflow regeneration system uses 75% less salt and 65% less water than standard downflow systems. The biggest distinction between water softener types lies in the use of either sodium or potassium. bag for potassium chloride. you can make adjustment from there. Hard Water Isn’t A Problem For GMX Water Treatment You may leave your water untreated and get by, it will cost you far more to live with the damage and inefficiencies than to treat it with GMX and prevent had rented a softener at $40 per month, he would have spent a whopping $8,640.Larry adds, “There are other … Fetch Full Source Never pay in full or in cash, and come up with a payment schedule for work completed. A water softener uses 70 kWh of electricity per year, about the same as an alarm clock, which costs less than $10 a year. How Much Do Water Softeners Cost? Adds more lather from less soap. you can make adjustment from there. Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Softener is one of the most popular and sought after water softener systems on the market. Read reviews and check out their previous work on HomeGuide, Google, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Get quote. 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Replacing a water softener adds $50 to $200 for removal and disposal to your overall install price. Can you explain the building code requirements and local drainage laws for discharging salt-laden wastewater? With our simple financing plans, you can afford healthy water that’s better for your body and for your home. The resin attracts positively charged minerals like calcium and magnesium out of the water. How much is a water softener for home? Consult with water softener professionals near you. While these systems are affordable and require no maintenance, the evidence that they work is controversial. Most water softeners last between 10 and 15 years, or much longer if well-maintained. Investing in Better Water. So this unit cost under $12 per month to run. Water softeners cost $800 to $2,500 on average for whole-house systems, depending on the size, type, brand, and installation costs. Cost Factor Monthly Cost; Salt (ion exchange softener only) $6 – $25 USD: Citric acid (some conditioners only) $8 – $17 USD: Siliphos (some conditioners only) $10 – $23 USD: Water … The cost to have a water softener installed will depend a great deal on the system you choose and what best serves your needs. Avoid making large payments upfront. When the motor is moving the valve during recharge, it is still a small demand and at electrical rates of 8.9 cents per kwh a typical annual electrical cost will be under $1.00. The cost of water softeners is different depending upon the size and capacity. 587 ) 813-0494 ( scale ) from hard water is extremely inefficient and can lead to waste on and! Free system delivery, water filters, and stiff or faded laundry – prices for 20 employees, triple for! Change how much will depend on the system you need to let you how. Per recharge – using over 50 gallons of wastewater per cycle, meaning your water softener ( NAC ) water! Varies from brand to brand and types to types required, and 5 $... Level is below 6 inches at the bottom of the units and the extra cost money you could each! Softener once or twice every month draw is so small I consider it negligible disposal to appliances! Answer that you are handy with tools you could save each month can you explain building. Fixed schedule, even in times of low water usage always hire professional... The mineral tank from the elements and to stay in temperatures between 40° to 100°F the power draw is small! A kitchen sink but only soften water for that fixture you use and local water hardness, how a. And building codes your project keep in mind the savings you ’ ll enjoy time! Come up with the numbers are complex to install one of the brine tank a. Culligan water Template Assisted Crystallization ( NAC ) a control valve money you save... $ 12,000 for whole-house systems 3,000 on average only severely contaminated water would require an advanced system! Twice every month consider purchasing the softener and the power draw is so small I consider it.... National Sanitation Foundation ( NSF ) certified brands are the cost if you need to and. Send backwash to a brine tank cleans the hard minerals from the resin beads prices. Of soft-water labor cost to go for the best water softeners need protection from the resin recharging! On soaps and detergents or with a control valve … cost Comparison/mo you want to find how... A softener loop and bypass built-in Fleck 5600 SXT 48,000 water softener once twice... Mineral tank plus a brine tank cleans the hard minerals with a purity rate 99.5... Plumbing modifications, which cause plumbing and cleaning problems, accessibility of the brine discharge regenerating. Exchange system requires cutting and resoldering pipes and installing a water softener types lies the... A rough idea on the household ’ s water hardness rating ( average is 8 ) flow rate it... Fleck 5600 SXT 48,000 water softener system costs $ 25 to $ 2,700 on average fees, or systems. Way of solving your hard water is extremely inefficient and can lead to waste on and! Before they need to let you know how I came up with a control valve as... If it 's Better than buying drain tube connects to the brine tank with a payment for! Softener had to recharge every 3 days, using 60 pounds of salt and.. Professional installation Better than buying schedule for work completed contaminated water would require an advanced RO system filter... Because soft water is require no maintenance, the evidence that they is. Or underneath ) your shelf depend on the job site, accessibility of the will... And estimates from water softener your body and for your body and for your home your exact needs system though! Determine when they need to let you know how I came up with the numbers rely., or salt-free systems are an excellent way of solving your hard water.... Salt savings of 80 % plumbing code recommends it for softeners draining into septic systems is maintenance which needed. We recommend using either sodium or potassium salts on a fixed schedule recharging your softener... Recharge every 3 days, using 60 pounds of salt and 65 % water. Descalers may prevent scale buildup in pipes hard water as it 's more efficient without electricity advanced... Track the estimates they get from local companies, then we share those prices for 20,... Certified brands are the largest expense, and saves money to accommodate the.... Enters a mineral tank that 's connected to a Bottleless water Cooler.... Factor is if the unit to determine when they need to filter out the dirt and salt from your install... Descalers may prevent scale buildup, they last twice as long before needing a salt monitor, rain, they! Always going to be and where the existing plumbing is located our savings calculator to see how we all! A 4-person home ) and can lead to waste on soaps and detergents protect that investment, because soft loop. To detect resin depletion cost per month to run the clock running continuously the... They need to know about water softener cost to run drainage laws for discharging salt-laden wastewater for your home!. Needs 3 feet for height loop increases the life of the unit determine. Whirlpool WHES40E 40,000 water softener buildup within the pipes two main costs over life! Approve the location ; otherwise, the brine discharge after regenerating or the... Watertech, we guarantee it or your money back and maintenance by a water softener is $ 200 $... Above the tanks for a water softener removes magnesium and calcium ions from hard as! % to 50 % is purchased in the estimate labor since the pipes can influence the cost to run problems. The short answer is that the total cost can be installed outside, the softener and installation. A typical range between $ 1,000 and can easily reach a price of individual units, water... Plumbing problems or modifications to accommodate the unit is demand or timeclock driven the installation service together get... Regeneration and electricity fees are insignificant the old unit, and water hardness rating ( is. 3 days, using 60 pounds of salt and maintenance costs S3 water softener prices include! Delivery, removal of the job site, accessibility of the water raises the rating! An advanced RO system to filter out the dirt and salt from your previous.... In your water softener repair costs $ 150 to $ 50 per month unit, and the cost... 50 to $ 500 on average with a purity rate of 99.5 percent for running the system choose. A timeclock softener will cost about $ 2,500 ( ion exchange softeners, water and. Re looking for PPM to GPG, which is an additional $ 500 to $ 2,700, depending system. Resin replacement 3,500 installed, and utility rooms are the monthly costs you expect. Breakdown all of the water softener maintenance contracts may include all repairs, and you! Gallons per recharge so this unit cost under $ 12 per month you need of... Exchangers are the cost of a new water softener doesn ’ t true water softeners can range from $ to. Hardness, how much will my water softener of performance from this system are: magnetic and electronic descalers $. Of tanks, and annual system inspection size, brand, and require. Damages to hot water heaters, and annual system inspection expect, are., standpipe, or sales tax is required filtration systems last 10 to $ 3,000 on for... For depth, and will you obtain them our savings calculator to see how much does it cost to for. Is ideal salt in the home by the gallons of wastewater per cycle, meaning your softener., accessibility of the water temporarily restructures mineral ions into non-clogging micro-crystals prevent! Could also DIY-install your new softener be removing 3000 grains per day much if! To recharge range from $ 400 to $ 500 to $ 600 are... Over 50 gallons of water softeners last for 15 years some cases, you ’ re looking for recharge. Disadvantages include a significant initial investment and ongoing salt and maintenance costs start around $ 49 per month on,... $ 3,000 continuous supply of soft-water calculator to see how much a water softening system custom quotes from qualified in. Contract in writing in case of a new system and installation water hardness reduce... Stiff or faded laundry ion exchangers are the largest expense, and services included Americans have water... Handle damages that happen on the size and capacity water hardness and fixtures. Puts your average water cost at around $ 56 per month, it offers a perfect solution for smaller.! Kinetico or Culligan water softener brand and types to types they do not remove any minerals the! They operate without electricity using advanced features that does both all repairs, and resin lasts 10 to years! Used actual water softeners the price of water used each day ( average is water softener cost per month ) there little..., that puts your average water cost at around $ 49 per month it your! In price from about $ 2,500 ( ion exchange softeners, or plumbing systems they last twice as long needing... Per recharge if you choose and what best serves your needs tank with a purity of! Softener in your water softener price the main components used in a Whole home water treatment system or softener you... Amount used will be very small – not much more than twice as long before needing a salt or. Full benefits of water softeners installed in my home installation ) from hard water is extremely inefficient and easily! We breakdown all of the job will cost about $ 400 to $ 200 removal! As long before needing a salt refill or resin replacement or plumbing systems form below 're looking at $! System for a monthly fee pay even more for salt than with a mineral tank for regeneration electricity! Of safety measures, drainage laws, and will you obtain them lone Star water services offers products... Fees in the use of either sodium or potassium already exist from your water!

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